Wall Lamp


Here we tell a story of light made of lightness in its forms, of an old-fashioned elegance in its movements, of a functionality dedicated to the most demanding users. Maybe they are concepts already seen in decorative lighting, maybe they are qualities already presented in design, maybe, more simply, they are characters and words never told together in a wall lamp…

Bruger studio
steel, led light
This is how the story of Flyer begins, a lamp capable of illuminating our life stories without disturbing us, adapting itself in its horizontal movement of about 150° to our daily relaxation in the living room of our home or to the meeting between friends in our favourite restaurant or even at dinner with our families. There are several examples where Flyer can play a leading role, always different but always linked to necessity of use.
Its delicate and modern shape, rigid but welcoming at the same time, writes stories of light capable of illuminating from above, often solving space problems and dictating different solutions according to the needs that arise from time to time.
Flyer represents the mission of Prandina written by Needs to propose shapes and solutions that resist in time to the extemporaneous fashions of a moment or a season. Imagine a modern house and at the same time imagine one of those Parisian bistrots that seems to come out from a movie of decades ago: well, stop for a moment, in both cases you could find the Flyer collection and tell it as one of the best #lightingstories for a long time to come.