is an Italian product design studio founded in 2020 by the three of us
Needs Studio: Marco Brunato, Davide Gerlin, Matteo Coracin
marco brunato
davide gerlin
matteo coracin

Our vision of design is focused on the ability to find solutions to customer needs, maintaining a style that is a bridge between the nature of the brand and our sensitivity.

  • briefing
  • research
  • consultancy
  • design ideas
  • prototyping process

Our method leads us to investigate first what it may be logical to enter the market for a specific brand, a product research that is influenced and matures on each project, a result that is not only the outcome of a clear style but rather a mixture of points of view.

The goal is to create objects that are identifiable and moving in their uniqueness, that speak of the brand for which they were shaped and reflect the values of the studio.